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Channel Requirements

  • Channel name must be PG (kid friendly)
    • ​Video substances require no rating requirement
      • ​Comply with YouTube/Twitch terms
  • Channel name will not be affiliated with the name "ArchaiCraft"
    • ​You may link and promote server
  • Seemingly inactive channels will be moved to the bottom of this page.
  • ​Channel owner must comply with server rules
  • ​If a Channel Owner is banned from the server, the videos will be removed indefinitely

Video Requirements

  • Video must be high quality
    • ​No low-res and un-finished videos
  • Video must be:
    • Minimum of 10 minutes
  • Video must be player's gameplay on the server
  • Name of video must be PG (kid friendly)
    • ​No rating requirement for video contents
      • ​Comply with YouTube/Twitch terms
  • Video hosts must make an effort to give commentary and substance to videos
    • ​No silent screen recordings

For your YouTube and/or Twitch channel(s) to be eligible for this page, you must comply with each guideline listed

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Channel and Video Terms of Use

ArchaiCraft is not affiliated with YouTube, Twitch or any user channel. YouTube and Twitch offer their services free of charge and ArchaiCraft makes no profit off their services or the users who submit their channels for this site. Users submit their channels at their own risk. ArchaiCraft is not responsible for viewer traffic resulting in negative feedback or comments on a user's videos/channels. ArchaiCraft reserves the right to remove a player's video and/or channel at any time for any reason without warning or given cause. Requests to remove videos or channels will be made to archaicraft.staff@gmail.com. This service is free for you, so any chat spamming with your video links in game will result in your removal from the server and this page.

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Welcome to ArchaiCraft's Video Showcase! 

This archive hosts videos and streams of players that have active channels with gameplay on the server! If you like an author's videos, give them some support by liking, following & subscribing!