1.  No cheat mods, game exploits or dupe accounts

  • Game or plugin exploits/glitches, AFK machines, item duplication, etc.

  • Cheat Mods: KillAura, AimBot, Speed/Fly, X-Ray, etc.

  • Minimaps are okay (exception: Maps that reveal crouched/hidden players) 

2. Keep game PG rated (friendly for all ages and languages)

  • Includes: Public chat, signs, books & item names.

3. No harassment in chat (pvp is not bullying/harassment)

  • Bullying, sexual, racism, real life threats, invading privacy, etc.

4. No CPU hogs or "lag machines"

  • If anything created causes server or continuous chunk lag, it will be deleted without warning.

5. No weaponizing land claims to block/harass/annoy players

  • Reported claims made for malicious reasons will be deleted without warning. 

    • Players showing patterns of abuse will be reduced to the allowance of 1 claim.

6. Respect ArchaiCraft Staff as moderators and as players

  • Staff only have mute/kick/ban powers, so they have no advantage in gameplay (i.e. There is no such thing as using Mod powers to sway survival/pvp outcomes)

1. If a player dies to PvP, they will be immune from PvP for 30 seconds after respawn -> Prevents spawn trapping.

  • Spawn trapping/killing is not illegal! -> Get to a safe place (like spawn) before protection expires.

2. PvP in the Spawn claim is disabled.

  • Warning: PvP is enabled in your personal claims! Add physical barriers for protection!

3. The following actions are blocked during PvP and prevent players from altering the outcome of fights:

  • All commands (/spawn, /home, /sethome, /ptp, etc).

  • Logging out -> A brainless NPC with all your gear, XP and health will spawn and can be killed.

    • Chat notifications when combat has started/ended (NO EXCUSES FOR LOGOUT).

    • Frequent PvP loggers will start getting temp bans if they continue this behavior.

Game Modifications

 1. End World will secretly reset monthly -> Refreshes End and respawns Dragon.

2. Nether World will reset ~every 4 months-> Refreshes ores and fortresses.

3. Natural Pigman spawning disabled in overworld -> Protects economy from laggy gold farms.

  • Golem and Pigmen drop forms will not work (require player dealt damage).

4. World border @ 13,000 blocks from x=0 | z=0
5. "Clustered" mobs will be auto-cleared to a limited number.

  • To learn more about mob limits and how "clusters" are defined, click here.

    • Spawner/Darkroom type mobs + Endermen + Pigmen + Villagers are limited to 12 mobs per cluster.

    • All other mobs (cows, chickens, etc) are limited to 40 per cluster.


1. Griefing and raiding are legal on ArchaiCraft because you have all the power to claim (or not claim) your property. Watch Tutorial.

  • You earn claim blocks over time. If you can't claim it, don't build it!

  • Other players assume that a building has expired if it is not claimed.

    • "New join" claims expire after 10 days of owner inactivity.

    • Custom claims expire after 90 days of owner inactivity.

2. PvP is enabled outside of the spawn claim and is not harassment.

  • New Joins are given 30 minutes of PvP immunity. Use it wisely!

3. Player data is kept for 90 days since last activity. If you are inactive for 90+ days, you will lose claims, McMMO stats and possibly more data.

New Player Warnings!

PvP Limitations


Staff reserves the right to punish for any activity that is deemed harmful to the server in any way.

(i.e. spam, slandering server, driving off players, advertising, etc.)

Server Info

Minecraft 1.12.2

Survival Mode/Normal Difficulty

PvP & PvE

Stable Economy & Shop System

Custom Enchants & McMMO

Leaderboards &Weekly Rewards

Custom Biomes & Terrain Generation

Grief-Proof Land Claiming