Buying Shop Setup Tutorial

A starter 9-slot Backpack is 1 Ghast Tear!

You can get upgrades up to 54-slots by earning them in game. See details at server Spawn!

  • Negative enchants are also possible to balance OP enchantments (can pay to remove).
  • ​With all these new combinations and options, the long-term gameplay is greatly extended!

Earning claim blocks:

​​Max Claims Allowed = 5



McMMO takes core Minecraft game mechanics and expands them into an extensive RPG experience. Adding unique skills from Archery to Woodcutting.

Double McMMO EXP events when donation goals reached. The goal percentage will announce bihourly in-game.

  • Enchants like Ice Aspect, Beheading and Wither Arrows!

​Prevents all forms of grief, including building/breaking, container/button/lever use, fires, explosions & more!

​New player claims expire after 10 days of owner inactivity.

​Custom claims expire after ​90 days of inactivity.

  • Backpacks open via command /bp
  • ​Backpacks are 100% virtual and linked to player user ID
  • Backpack items will not drop on death and can't be stolen



Tired of just getting the default enchantments? ArchaiCraft offers over 30 custom enchants to be obtained through vanilla enchanting and/or purchase at spawn!

Custom Enchants

ArchaiCraft has a player run economy based on Ghast Tears. Players can run up to 2 different shop signs in the spawn Marketplace to Sell or Buy items with other players. You set the prices!

See the Tree at spawn for more info!

Shop System

Grief Prevention


Claiming Tutorial

Selling Shop Setup Tutorial