/mctop <skill>

​/inspect <player>

/p <message>

​/ptp <player>

​/party ?


Your claims & total claim blocks

​Move claim X blocks in direction facing

Abandon claim you are in

Abandon all your claims everywhere

Toggle explosion block damage in claim

Allow player/public all access to claim

Remove all player's trust on claim

Remove all trust to all players

Allow  use of buttons, levers, beds

Accesstrust + containers and animals

​List all trusts given on claim

Claim inside a claim (advanced users)

Escape an untrusted claim if trapped


/extendclaim # (+ / -)




​/trust <player/public>

/untrust <player>

/untrust all

/accesstrust <player>

/containertrust <player>




Grief Prevention

Link to server rules page in game

Link to donation details in game

Whisper message to player

Quick respond to last msg

Mute chat from specific player

Unmute chat from player

Vote & get emeralds & tokens

Who has the most votes?

Get server TeamSpeak password

Set /home warp location

Teleport to "Sethome"

Warp to Spawn (Cost 1 EXP Level)



/msg <player> <msg>

​/r <message>

/ignore <player>

​/unignore <player>





/home (cooldown)

/spawn (cooldown)

General Commands

Player Commands

Open you virtual Backpack

See current Digitial Emerald balance

Withdraw 1 stack of D-Emeralds

​Exchange all exp for D-Emeralds

​Toggle on/off normal tree mechanics






Other Plugins

See your skill levels

See details on one skill (Ex: /swords)

View top skill levels on Server

View a close player's stats

Private party chat channel

Request teleport to party member

View more party commands

Open Banner Generator GUI

Rename item in hand (Color Codes)

Open virtual crafting table

Toggle block Autopickup

Repair your held item

Open enderchest anywhere

Set SubHome location (10m cooldown)

Warp to your SubHome (1m cooldown)

Open cosmetic head GUI (free every 2h)

No Command. Crouch + Break


​/rename <name>





/sethome sub



​Vein Mining

Subscriber Commands

SetHome commands restricted to OverWorld

SetHome commands restricted to OverWorld