ArchaiCraft Donation Terms

ArchaiCraft does not offer donation refunds for any reason. By donating, you confirm that you are 18 years of age or that a legal guardian is making a donation on your behalf. All donations are processed directly through the PayPal account '' and never handled by a third-party service. Donors are not immune to punishment if server rules are violated. All donations go to support the server's operation costs, not to purchase a physical product or tangible good. Donation terms and perks are subject to change at any time without prior notice and are immediately applicable to all server users. Any attempt to chargeback past donations will result in a permanent ban on the server and legal pursuance for damages and/or funds. ArchaiCraft is a free service and does not require any payment for main server access or gameplay features (except cosmetic perks). ArchaiCraft is not affiliated with nor represents Mojang AB or any Minecraft related company or platform. Allow up to 8 hours for perks to apply. For all donation inquiries, please email

Subscription Accounts: Subscribers with monthly subscription accounts will autopay each month until the subscription is canceled via their PayPal account. Requests for ArchaiCraft to manually cancel a subscription account must be made to at least 48 hours before the next autopay to avoid the next scheduled donation. No refunds are given if you do not comply with the previously listed methods of cancellation before your resubscription is processed by PayPal. PayPal subscription accounts are not automatically canceled due to a player's inactivity on the server. If canceled, donation perks from subscription accounts are removed upon lapse of the next scheduled donation, not the date of cancellation. Bulk perk purchases without an automatic payment account are available after clicking "donate". You may always cancel your subscription and select a new plan in the future with no penalty.

VIP: VIP donations are a one-time payment and the perks never expire, even after full server resets. There is no resubscription or followup payment to maintain this donation type or its associated perks. Accumulated VIP land claim bonuses may not automatically carry over after full server resets. If this occurs, please notify server staff or email to have your bonuses credited to your player account in game.

Iron + Donate $120 Total​​

Subscriber ✚

Non-autopay Subscriber options available after clicking "Donate"

Subscriber + VIP

Donation Policy

​ [Diamond] Prefix​ 

+Aqua Chat Text



[Gold] Prefix​ 

+ Gold Chat Text

[Iron] Prefix

+ More Pets (see /petlist)

$10 (one-time)

-  [Sub] Prefix - 100 Claim Blocks/h - No Claim Limit -

- Behead Players - Colored Signs & Item Names -

- Repair/Enderchest/Crafting Commands - Pets -

- 2 Extra Home Locations - Decorative Head GUI - 

- Banner Maker GUI - Vein Mining - Autopickup Drops -

[VIP]Prefix - 5k Claim Block Bonus Per Purchase -

- Perks Never Expire or Need Renewal -






Premium Ranks

Iron + Donate $250 Total​​

Donation Options

Iron + Donate $60 Total​​


We believe Minecraft is ruined by "pay-to-win" perks that give gameplay advantages to donors. All donor perks are limited to minor tools and cosmetic features to keep a level playing field for all players.

Total = Cumulative donations linked to a player account. Check PayPal          account or check with server Owner to verify total donations.

- All Subscriber Perks - 150 Claim Block/h -

- "✚" Added to Prefix - Example: ​[Iron✚]-


Iron + Donate $500 Total​​



​​​​[⛏]​ Prefix

+ Gray Text + 100% player behead rate

 ​[Obsidian] Prefix​ 

​​+Purple Chat Text

Unsubscribe = Reduced to VIP