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​​​Prime + Donate $120 Total

[Celestial] Prefix​ 

+Aqua Chat Text




We firmly believe that Minecraft is ruined by "pay-to-win" donation features that tarnish the game for those who lack the ability or finances to donate. To honor that, no donor perk gives an advantage to PvP or Survival.

[Legend] Prefix​ 

+ Gold Chat Text

​[Prime] Prefix

$10 (one-time)

-  [Sub]Prefix - Behead Players - Color Signs -

- Vein Mining - Rename Items w/ Color - GUI Banners -

- Autopickup Items - 100 Claim Blocks/h - No Claim Limit -

- Command Repair/Enderchest/Crafting Table -

- 2 Extra Home Locations - Cosmetic Head GUI -

[VIP]Prefix - 5k Claim Block bonus -



Donation Terms

ArchaiCraft does not offer refunds for any reason after a donation* is processed. ArchaiCraft is not responsible for the use of a PayPal account without the true account owner's consent. By donating, you confirm that you are 18 years of age or that a parent/guardian is making a donation in your name. Unlike most servers, all donations are processed directly through PayPal and never handled by a third party that stores your info. We are unable to charge more than what you agreed to donate through PayPal. By donating, you are not immune from being banned if server rules are violated. By donating, you are supporting the server and are not purchasing a physical product or tangible service. Perk details are subject to change at any time without notice. Any attempt to chargeback past donations will result in permanent ban from the server and a pursuance via PayPal Claims Department. PayPal gives steep monetary fines to those processing fraudulent chargeback claims. This is not a business or attempt to resell Mojang's product and ArchaiCraft is not affiliated with Mojang, Minecraft or Spigot. Allow up to 8 hours for perks to apply.

Automatic Subscription Accounts

Subscribers/Sponsors with monthly $4(8) subscription accounts will auto-donate* each month until the subscription is canceled via their PayPal account. Requests for ArchaiCraft to manually cancel a subscription account will be made to at least 48 hours before the next auto-donate to avoid another scheduled donation. No refunds are given if you do not comply with the previous listed methods of cancellation before your re-subscription is processed. Perks will be removed upon lapse of next scheduled donation, not the date of cancellation. Options to gain Subscriber/Sponsor without an automatic payment account are available. Select the option and duration suited for you. You may always cancel your Subscription and select a new plan in the future with no penalty.


By engaging in any form of monetary transaction with the ArchaiCraft server, you agree to all donation terms on this page. Terms are subject to change at any time without notice and the server will not be held responsible for informing past donors of changes. For all concerns related to donations, please email

*Donation/Donate- Used to describe any form of monetary transaction between a player's PayPal and the ArchaiCraft server, including a "purchase" of cosmetic perks.




Sub or SponsorVIP

Donation Policy

​​​[Platinum] Prefix​ + Gray Text

100% player behead rate

Donation total = cumulative donations linked to a player account. Check PayPal account or check with server owner to verify total donations.

More Ranks

Prime + Donate $60 Total​​

Prime + Donate $500 Total

​​[Immortal] Prefix​ 

+Red Chat Text




-  Suffix - 150 Claim Blocks/h -  

+ ​All Subscriber Perks

Non-automatic Subscriber & Sponsor options available after clicking "Donate"

Unsub = Reduced to VIP


Prime + Donate $250 Total